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Want to start your running journey, but don't know where to start? The MILE is an attainable, achievable distance to get anybody started. Coach Karli is here to lead new runners through every step of this 7-week Desk to MILE program!

Want to PR in the iconic distance? The FASTEST MILE Program is perfect for you! Coach Karli leads anyone eager to push the pace and have you cruising down 5th Avenue with confidence.

Both programs include two Mile High classes and one outdoor group session per week in the training program. Safely get up to speed with an individualized training plan and duration-based runs all done at your own level. And of course, Coach Karli will be there to provide some extra TLC and lend her expertise to guide you every step of the way.

Questions? Check out the FAQs below or Email alex@milehighrunclub.com

New Program has begun.

Outdoor Runs - Saturdays 9:15 AM @ NoMad

Program has started!

Train for one of these upcoming MILE races*:


  • Cost of program including classes - $250
  • 2 in-studio classes + 1 group outdoor run per week.
  • Personalized training plan
  • Full support & expertise from Coach Karli w direct access.
  • Group forum for Q&A and meet-ups.

the Program is designed for new(er) runners.

All levels are welcome, but the training plan and outdoor runs will be geared toward runners who are just beginning their running journeys.

Registration is closed!

  • Questions? Email alex@milehighrunclub.com


When/where do the group outdoor runs take place?

  • The group outdoor runs will be leaving from our NoMad studio every Saturday at 9:15 AM for the duration of the program

Am I limited to specific in-studio classes?

  • Nope! You are free to book whichever in-studio classes work best with your schedule. Coach Karli may recommend that you try to take certain classes on certain days depending upon your training plan, but ultimately, you have complete freedom.

Can I use the classes beyond the dates of the program or use the classes in other weeks?

  • If for whatever reason you are unable to utilize one of your classes one week or you will be out of town, you would lose the class. We wouldn't want you to take on too much too early and risk injury by taking more than the recommended number of classes per week. Additionally, because the program is such a great value (the in-studio classes alone represent a $476 value), we are not able to extend the classes beyond the duration of the program.

So I get a free class for referring a friend? Tell me more.

  • Sure do! But here's the fine print: The referred runner must purchase the program for you to be eligible for the free class. There is no limit on the number of referrals. Free class will expire within the usual 30 days (unless you refer like 20 people, then we will definitely make an exception). If the referred runner cancels the program or receives a refund, the free class will be rescinded or charged if used.