+ Which Mile High Run Club class is right for me?

Our 45-minute class, the DASH 28, will provide you with a strong foundation while you build your mileage. The running portion generally covers 2-3 miles depending on your individual pace. This class incorporates strength and power training, which is beneficial for daily life as well as performance oriented goals. If you are short on time, the DIRTY 30 is 30 minutes of running.

High 45 is the bridge between our DASH 28 and DISTANCE class. Expect to cover between 3 and 5+ miles in this treadmill only, interval-based 45-minute endurance class.

The DISTANCE is for anyone who prefers a more challenging run. You will be on the treadmill for the entire 60-minute class. Expect to get in at least 5 miles. If you have a 10k, half marathon, marathon, or ultra coming up this is the class for you! Walking and jogging in any of our classes is always encouraged for beginners and "non-runners" at MHRC.

The BUILD is our strength-only class designed to complement running. It is highly accessible to anyone and weight and movement modifications are provided.