Half Training Program

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78% of participants in past programs have PRed!

Customized 11-week training program created just for you by Olympian and Mile High Coach John Henwood. Your unique training plan will be based on your current starting point, your running history and your current PR, so that you can reach your personal goal.

For all levels and will be tailored for YOUR race.

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Questions? Check out the FAQ below or email info@milehighrunclub.com

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  • - Individualized Training Program based on your current abilities and your specific goals
  • -11 Week Program: Begins 3/7 with 1 week on-your-own base building. Group training begins 3/14.
  • - 13 Indoor Classes: 1 indoor class per week for Mondays of group training plus 3 "bonus" classes to cover you for inclement weather or if you are unable to make some of the outdoor runs
  • - 20 Outdoor Runs: 2 outdoor runs per week of group training
  • 1) Thursdays 6:30 pm @ Noho - East River Track Session
  • 2) Saturdays 8:30 am @ UES - Central Park Long Run with Pacers
  • - Direct Access to Coaches John, Yusuf and Dominic for questions on running form and mechanics, race strategy, specific injuries, and/or individual training issues
  • - 5 Pacers
  • - The Support + Accountability of group training

  • - Educational Workshops
  • - Exclusive Discount at Finish Line PT
    • - Use of MHRC studio facilities, including showers, lockers, and towels for all runs

      For more info, check out the FAQs below!


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Q: Can you explain the process and how the program is going to work?

A: When you sign up, you will receive a questionnaire that will ask you to provide details, such as your running/race history, your current pace, your goals, history of injuries, what race you’re doing (if not NYC), etc. Coach John Henwood will then use this information to craft a training plan that is specifically designed to take you from your current level to the goal you laid out for yourself. As the program progresses, he will continually adjust your training plan to ensure that it is still the right course of action for you. Each week, you will have 2 outdoor runs with the training group— on Thursdays and Saturdays. Thursdays will typically be dedicated to speed workouts. The Saturday long runs will vary depending on the mileage your training plan calls for that day. Mondays, your training plan will include indoor runs. The sessions vary per week. On the days you do not have an outdoor run with the group, you will have training to do on your own that is specific to you and your plan.

Q: I’m not an advanced runner... more of a “casual runner,” can I still do the program? Should I be able to complete a certain mileage to sign up for the program?

A: This program welcomes runners of all levels! We do not have a base mileage requirement and the program is tailored to your specific level at the time you sign up. You will be sent a questionnaire upon signing up, which will help Coach John Henwood with customizing your personal plan. Keep in mind that as you progress, your goals may change, and he will adjust your plan accordingly.

Q: What pacer times will you offer?

A: Our pacers will range up to 11:00 minutes per mile.

Q: Where and when do the outdoor runs meet? How far will we be running?

A: The runs will take place outdoors two times per week. The Thursday sessions will leave from our Noho studio at 6:30 PM and the Saturday long run sessions will leave from our UES studio. Coach John Henwood will send a detailed email in advance of every run, outlining what your session entails, so you will never be taken by surprise and will be able to plan accordingly.

Q: Are we guaranteed entry into the race with the program?

A: No, unfortunately

Q: What will the outdoor runs be like?

A: You can expect the Thursday sessions to last for approximately 90 minutes, give or take (including warmup, travel time to the track, travel time back, etc.). Thursdays will be dedicated to speed workouts. The Saturday long run varies depending on the miles you will be running that day, as well as the pace you are running. The sessions vary per week.

Q: What if I can’t make one of the Outdoor Runs?

A: If you cannot make an outdoor run, John will include options in his communication the day before. We will also be providing you with 3 "bonus classes" to use indoors and supplement your training.

Q: Does the program include indoor classes?

A: Yes! You will receive 13 indoor classes to use throughout the 10-week program. This includes 1 indoor class per week plus 3 additional bonus classes to use in cases of inclement weather or if you are unable to make an outdoor run. You also have access to our facilities where you can change, store your belongings and shower pre and post runs.

Q: What happens to program class credits if I don't use them all and have some left over?

Your class credits will expire 30 days after Race Day.

Q: I’m not very fast, will I be able to keep up with the group for the outdoor runs?

A: Our goal is to get you stronger first, and then build the speed, so pace isn’t the primary concern in the early days. We certainly try to accommodate all levels and runners and offer pace groups up through an 11-minute mile— our pacers are really wonderful and will help you along your journey. Plus, you can also be sure that our training plans are formatted in such a way that you will quickly get up to speed!

Q: This is my first race— I’m scared!!!

A: It is totally natural to be nervous! The choice to run a half marathon is an enormous undertaking that requires enormous commitment, strength and courage. That said, we guarantee that we will have you feeling 100% prepared come race day. Once you sign up, you will receive a survey that will help Coach John Henwood to create a customized plan for you. Keep in mind that it is a working plan, and can be adjusted as you progress in the program. Our goal is to get you to the starting line healthy, strong and confident. Come race day, you will be nervous and feel butterflies, but you will also be extremely prepared and ready.

Q: I’m going to be away the first week of the program (or on 'X' date)— will I miss anything crucial?

A: Since Coach John Henwood customizes each plan, you will have the opportunity to reach out to him after you have signed up and inform him about your upcoming plans. The plan is created for you to progress on a weekly basis; that said, you will not have heavy mileage the first week, nor will the speed work be too aggressive. Coach John will be available to work with you and provide necessary adjustments to your training. He might recommend that you try to do some training on your own while you are away, but one-week vacation at the start of the training will not be a setback.

Q: I’m super busy with 'X' and don’t have time to commit to 6 days of training every week— can you adjust the plan for me?

A: We understand that time is one of the rarest commodities for all of us, but our number one concern is to make sure you show up race day injury-free and 100% prepared. If you are unable to commit to 6 days some weeks, then we can definitely work with that, but if you are unable to commit to 6 days every week, then we would recommend a different program. Note: In total, your training plan will consist of 6 days of training per week. You will have 3 days of scheduled group runs, 3 days of on-your-own work and strength training, and 1 day of recovery.