• Marathon Miles

Rack up 26.2 miles in-studio this month to win a limited edition hat! In anticipation of the NYC MARATHON, take on the Marathon Miles Challenge and run 26.2 miles with us 9/1-9/30.

How Does it Work?

1. Sign Up for the challenge.

2. Take Class in-studio

3. Make your miles official by snapping a photo of your distance at the end of each class.

4. Post the shot to your stories and tag @milehighrunclub with #marathonmiles

5. We'll keep track of your miles and once you hit 26.2, come in and claim your winnings!

Challenge Runs From 9/1-9/30!

Note: If you do not post the miles, you cannot get credit for them for the challenge (we need a way to verify and keep track of the miles). We would also recommend taking screen shots of each of your stories as back up to ensure we don't miss any.

Questions? Check out the FAQs below or email


Why do I have to sign up?

  • In order for us to keep track of your miles throughout the challenge, we need to know what account your Instagram name is connected to. If your name is John, but your chosen Instagram alias is @NYCunicorn420, we will have a hard time finding you in our system.

I didn't sign up before 9/1, can I still do it?

  • Sure can! Just make sure you sign up at some point before the challenge ends. We'll keep track of the miles for your instagram username and then attribute the miles to your name in our system later.

I forgot to post to my miles 🙈

  • Don't fret - shoot an email to We'll credit you with the average mileage usually run in the class you took.


  • You can sign-up and use whatever package, membership or service you want to rack up the miles!

Do miles I run outside count?

  • No, for this challenge, only in-studio miles count.

I don't have Instagram or Facebook. Can I still participate?

  • Email

I purchased the Challenge 8-Pack, but couldn't use them all by 9/30— can you extend it?

  • Nope, the package was created and priced so well (less than $22 a class!) in order to help you complete the challenge from 9/1-9/30. All classes in the Challenge 8-Pack will expire 9/30, no ifs, ands, or buts.

I purchased the Challenge 8-Pack, but can't book a class before 9/1— why not?

  • Since the Challenge starts on 9/1, the package is designed to only allow classes to be taken from 9/1-9/30. Make sure you use the 8 (or as many as you can) before 9/30. Once the month is up, time on this package is, too!