MHRC Story

running trainers

"Why are we passionate about running? Running has taught us that we can achieve the impossible, and runners all over the world are redefining what that is every day."

I started Mile High Run Club to provide a motivating, fun training experience where beginning and competitive runners could train side by side with expert coaching, programs and instruction on running form. Since we opened our doors - November 2014 in NOHO, I have been so incredibly happy to see how many of our runners are benefiting from the guidance and challenge provided by our classes and then are taking that knowledge to the streets by applying techniques learned in the studio to outdoor runs and races.

The compelling story and renegade ultra-running community featured in Chris McDougall’s 'Born To Run' originally inspired the name. I wanted to emphasize the "feel good" aspect of running. It's a cheeky reference to the runner's high as well as a nod to Colorado's elite running culture.

Debora Warner - Founder