Beacon - Recap

After living and working in Europe during parts of 2017 and 2018, and hiking throughout Switzerland, Italy and several other countries, most people would have guessed that I would be somewhere in Europe when I mentioned I was going hiking over the weekend. I had not fully read all the details for what I signed up for and what I initially thought would just be a hike turned into so much more. Mile High Wings organized a wonderful day.

I was welcomed by a friendly group of people and it seemed that with the exception of a handful of couples, the group began largely as a collection of strangers. The thing that brought us all together was that our experience was made possible by our connection to Mile High Run Club (I previously went to Mile High Run club to support my training for 3 half-marathons).

Within a few minutes of walking on the trail, I was able to feel the same connection to nature and the outdoors that I loved so much about traveling to new places and hiking - the fresh air, the exploration of nature, and the challenge of hiking. The experience allowed me both the opportunity to break away and appreciate some personal quiet time in nature and to engage in great conversations with new friends, talking about our various life paths, sharing stories and laughs.

At a certain point, the talking and laughter gave way to quiet and contemplation as the group became in tune with the hike. The hike was good for everyone; people could go at their own pace. There were parts of the hike that I sped up to test my endurance and other parts when I slowed down to enjoy the moments, including waterfalls, ruins and scenic overlooks. One of the best parts of the hike was that I put my phone away for the majority of it to stay unplugged from technology, be present to enjoy and make memories.

Following the hike, we visited the Dia Beacon Art Foundation. Discussing art among new friends while exploring the foundation’s installations added a unique element to the trip. The day finished with relaxation over dinner and drinks at a local brewery.

When you climb, you feel a sense of zen and accomplishment. I am grateful to have met new friends with whom I got to share a unique experience. Mile High Wings captured the essence of what it feels to get away.