Runner's Strength

The full-body, all around “what-most-runners-don’t-do-but-should-do” class! This 45 minute class is open to all levels. Runner’s Strength starts with a 4 minute dynamic warm-up to get you loose, then your coach will lead you through 2-4 minute blocks designed to help runners of all abilities to improve running efficiency, boost confidence, and help reduce the risk of injury!

Runner's Strength +UPPER

Just like our regular Runner’s Strength class, this 45 minute class still focuses on full-body exercise but with an emphasis on upper body strength - chest, arms, core and back! Why? Well running isn’t just about how strong your legs are. A lot of a runner’s power comes from the upper body and core. Coaches design 2-4 minute blocks of intervals to help maximize performance. This class is open to all levels of fitness.

Runner's Flow

Sometimes running is more than just the hard work - sometimes it's about how recover that can make the difference. Lightly hop or step into our 45-minute yoga-inspired Runner's Flow class to be the perfect yin to running's yang. A calming experience on a ZOOM call? See what's possible!

30 Minute Glute Burnout

They always say ‘when your legs don’t work, run with your heart’. We appreciate the sentiment but we’d rather not resort to that! Our 30 minute Glute Burnout class concentrates on a runner’s biggest asset - the booty! Your coach structures this short but effective class with 2-4 minute intervals so you get the most bang for your buck. Get the power and confidence to take on any run! As with most of our Virtual Classes, this class is open to all levels!

30 Minute Core BLAST

A stable runner is a strong runner! Don’t be fooled - this short format workout packs a punch. Runners of all abilities are coached through this 30 minute core-specific workout to help you stand tall, run strong, and get fit. Expect that ‘it hurts when I laugh” feeling after this workout!


*Coaches may make use of resistance bands or weights, so have them on hand if you have them. No weights? No problem! All workouts can be modified with alternative equipment, household items or simply bodyweight.

You can also purchase Coach Approved equipment here!