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2018 Fall Marathon Training Group with Coach John Henwood

Program Overview

18 week program, supervised by Olympian John Henwood

Each member receives a customized training plan, created by Coach Henwood, detailing daily/weekly activity. Program can be tailored for YOUR fall marathon (Berlin, Chicago, NYC, Philly)!

  • Each week includes 3 MHRC coach-led outdoor runs including 2 mid-week runs (Mondays and Thursdays) at 7pm and one weekend long run held on Saturday mornings at 8am. Long run will include dedicated pacers to help achieve time goals. (For locations, see below)
  • "SESSIONS" pay particular attention to running form and mechanics, including stride rate, posture, arm swing, and breathing.
  • Includes use of MHRC studio facilities, showers, lockers, towels, and shoe storage for duration of training.
  • Group education series (dates TBD): Program Kickoff and meet-and-greet with Coach Henwood and Pre-marathon info session on proper fueling, hydration, gear, course info, and race strategy.
  • GAIT Analysis: Finish Line Physical Therapy ($200 value)

Location of Coached Runs (all outdoors):

Monday 7pm @ Meet at MHRC Noho studio

Thursday 7pm @ Meet at MHRC Noho studio

Saturday Long Run 8am @ NYRR Run Center (57th St)

Price Overview

Pay in Full:

$499.99 + tax

3 Month Payment Plan:

$525.00 + tax ($225 up-front, $150- 30 days after purchase, $150- 60 days after purchase)

PROGRAM STARTS July 2 and can be adjusted for your FALL RACE!

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The Peak Performance Analysis starts with a functional movement and gait analysis utilizing advanced Optojump technology. A doctor of physical therapy will assess how your natural movement patterns create potential imbalances throughout the kinetic chain and also provide tips and tricks for practicing self-maintenance and incorporating recovery and functional movement into your regular training plan. If you experience recurring aches, pains or areas of discomfort, this 45-minute session will help you understand how to reverse the repetitive stress of training – which in turn allows you to train consistently at maximum effort and ultimately improve performance. This service is valued at $200.

(*The PPA is exclusive to FLPT first-timers. Those who have already received a Gait Analysis with Finish Line PT should reach out to steve@finishlinept.com for an alternative perk).

About Finish Line Physical Therapy

Finish Line Physical Therapy is where NYC runners and endurance athletes go to get fitter, faster and injury free. With over 12,000 square feet of space and the most advanced treatment available, Finish Line PT provides prehab, rehab and recovery services for an active population.

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