Let's Switch Things Up


We don't have to tell you twice because you already know. Our coaches are the cornerstone of what makes Mile High Run Club what it is. Our coaches have decades and decades of combined running and coaching experience. What better way to gain their knowledge than by running with them all! Starting June 1, and over the next six weeks, run with a different coach and rack up points to WIN BIG! We're giving away classes, packages, gear, and so much more. The more you take, the more chances you'll have to win our GRAND PRIZE PACKS including great prizes from Lululemon, ON Running, Goodr, Asics, and more!

The #SummerSwitchUp Challenge starts June 1. Grab your card and bib in-studio!

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The Challenge!


Get Your Own Bib!


Q: What's all this now?

A: Our coaches have nearly a century's-worth of combined running knowledge and experience. Together, they make Mile High what it is - a place to learn and a place to run better {together}. Take a class with each of our expert running coaches over the next six (6) weeks and win! Not only will you gain more as a runner, but you'll win prizes along the way and be entered into a few Grand Prize Packs!

Q: How long do I have to do this?

A: Six weeks starting June 1, 2019. The challenge ends July 14, 2019. Prizes will be awarded and Grand Prize winners will be contacted on July 15, 2019

Q: Do I have to book directly through Mile High?

A: To get the most from your run, like booking your fave tread and not having to worry about getting Waitlisted, we always encourage booking through milehighrunclub.com. For this challenge, you can book any way on any platform and get the same points!

Q: Can I take the same coach twice and still get more points?

A: Nah. Once you've checked off that box, it's time to move on to the next coach! We want you to experience as much as possible and hey who know... maybe you'll find new faves along the way!

Q: Do I have to do them in a specific order?

A: Nope! Do it alphabetically. Do it backwards. Do it by the coach's date of birth. Do it however you want! The points get added up at the end.

Q: I see I can bring a newbie. How often and what's up with that?

A: Yes! The more the merrier! And it's the quickest way to rack up points! But remember - the newcomer MUST be a first-timer to Mile High (we'll know) and you have to take the same class together. Just keep note of when you take and who your buddy is and we'll do the rest! Bring as many new Mile Highers are you want throughout the challenge.

Q: What's up with the bibs?

A: Cool right? In the spirit of road races, we'll be giving out #SummerSwitchUp Tyvek bibs! Grab one at the front desk, write your name on it, and throw it up on the wall of the studio to show everyone how awesome you are and to keep track of how many coaches you've learned from! After you check off a box, ask the front desk for a fresh sticker, Taking at multiple studios? We gotchu. All studios will have ample bibs for the duration of the challenge.

Q: Do outdoor classes count?

A: Yes!

Q: Do off-site runs count (Athleta, Lulu, Team MHRC)?

A: Negative, Ghost Rider. Only Mile High Run Club classes count for this challenge. But you should totally still do these.