• A feel good running experience for every body
  • Treadmill-based interval and strength training classes in a supportive, light flashing, music bumping, “we’re in this together” environment. Work up a sweat, take down some distance, make some friends and surprise yourself while the minutes and miles fly by.
  • No Experience Required. All Levels and Walkers Welcome.

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#1 ☝🏼- Running is bigger than just a sport, it’s a community. Running doesn’t discriminate, it poses no judgement. People of all ages, races, shapes, and sizes can enjoy the beauty of this sport. Though runners come from all backgrounds and have different journeys, they find camaraderie and friendship in the love to run. Running pushes us to challenge ourselves, be daring, take risks, and test our limits with the support of others who are hungry to do the same. We learn from ourselves and we gain knowledge from other runners and coaches and, in turn, it allows us to become better runners. Together, we find consistency and motivation, and become accountable. Amidst the chaos of daily life, we find love and beauty for running’s pure simplicity. Running never runs out. Run on.

#2 ✌🏼- Running is one of the most efficient ways of burning calories in the least amount of time. Just 30 minutes of running, combined with warm-ups and stretching (45 minutes total), will boost your metabolism for the next 14 hours. Even after the intense grind, your body is still putting in work! And speaking of work, speedwork training will help you make that morning train you keep on missing. Now that’s the definition of a true hustler.🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏾💨

#3 🤟🏼- Running increases your confidence. Forget what others think about you, it’s how YOU view yourself that matters most. Running is a sport that gives you full control - where you go, how far you go, your pace, your rest. It’s a time to be selfish and check-in with yourself. How am I feeling? What can I let go of? What’s stressing me? What can I control? What can I improve? Running also improves skin complexion and is one of the fastest ways to a leaner, toned body. But the best result of all from running? Seeing how damn good that person looks on the inside and out staring you right back in the mirror. 📸 @photoherby

#4 - Running builds a stronger heart, bones, and tendons. Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with bae, or embracing your independence and the single life, running will be good to your heart beyond the day of love. Studies show that regular runners have a 30% lower risk of dying of heart disease over a 15-year period. Not only does it take a strong heart to pump blood throughout the body, you also have 60,000+ miles of blood vessels that have to function to deliver nourishing, oxygenating fluids to your Muscles and organs. And contrary to what your grandparents may tell you, running is GOOD for your bones. In fact, runners have a lower chance of developing osteoporosis than others as the repetitive loading of knees and hips strengthens cartilage and joints. Run stronger, run better {together}.