Indoor Running Studio

Featuring dedicated, veteran, and decorated run coaches. Our classes challenge through the sport of running- not just "working out". Expertly structured interval programs and smart, purposeful training guarantee improvement in your running journey.

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Running never was the “trendy” sport. But for those with the passion, the drive, and for those up for the challenge, this is your home. Run with a diverse group of coaches including Olympians, street racers, triathletes, sprinters, and community leaders all with one goal - to make anyone a better runner and to run better {together}.

Snow worries this weekend ❄️👟 Take the stress out of your weekend miles as the first winter storm of 2019 approaches. Mile High studios will remain open so book your treads now and sacrifice nothing. First timers can book their first *2 CLASSES* for just $40!

All Mile High Run Club studios are closed from 1:30PM-3:30PM Monday-Thursday.