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Why Mile High

Our classes are designed to get you fitter, stronger and faster— faster.

Plus, they're freaking FUN!

“If you love running and/or training for a marathon and want to join a community of runners who have similar goals, Mile High Run Club should be your new addiction. It provides a motivating, fun training experience for beginning and competitive runners and allows runners to train side by side with expert coaching.”


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For Beginners

  • Our runs and workouts are truly designed for every level.
  • ➔ Go at your own pace
  • ➔ Coach provides form cues to keep you moving forward
  • ➔ Run/walkers and walk/walkers welcome!
Run Weight Training

For Training

  • Runners and their goals come in all shapes and sizes. Training for a PR? Our coaches are a cut above the rest.
  • ➔ Learn from veteran coaches who've gone the distance
  • ➔ Get tips on running efficiency
  • ➔ Push yourself harder than you thought you could
For every body

For Every Body

  • If you run, you are a runner. Plain and simple. Maybe you run marathons and ultras. Maybe you run from the car door to your front door only because it’s raining. Mile High is built for you - and {together}, we’ll hit the ground running.
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“...perfect for new and elite runners alike”