+ Can I pick my treadmill?

If you book directly through Mile High Run Club, you can do this on our website! Regardless of how you book, we unfortunately cannot switch your treadmill in peak classes. Make sure to book early to get your favorite tread!

+ What does (LR) mean?

Long Run! If you are training for a race and need to get your long run in - indoors - book 2 of the classes marked (LR). If you are not a monthly member, please contact info@milehighrunclub.com to purchase at a special price of $40.

+ Can I run through the strength and power portion of the Dash 28?

No. Due to safety concerns, we ask that all runners stop their treadmills during the strength and power portion of the Dash 28.

+ Which Mile High Run Club class is right for me?

Our 45-minute class, the DASH 28, will provide you with a strong foundation while you build your mileage. The running portion generally covers between 2 and 3 miles depending on your individual pace. This class incorporates strength and power training, which is beneficial for daily life as well as performance oriented goals, If you are short on time, the DIRTY 30 is 30 minutes of running.

High 45 is the bridge between our DASh 28 and DISTANCE class. Expect to cover between 3 and 5+ miles in this treadmill only interval-based 45- minute endurance class.

The DISTANCE is for anyone who prefers a more challenging run. You will be on the treadmill for the entire class. Expect to get in at least 5 miles. If you have a 10k, half marathon, marathon, or ultra coming up this is the class for you!Walking and jogging in any of our classes is always encouraged for beginners and "non-runners" at MHRC.

+Do you offer race prep packages?

Yes! We offer group programs for the NYC Marathon, NYC Half Marathon and Brooklyn Half Marathon. Additionally, we have plans for sale. Please email info@milehighrunclub.com or call the studio at 212.466.6472 (MHRC).

+ Do you offer an outdoor run program?

Yes! Our training programs all have an outdoor component and we offer outdoor classes from the Spring through early Fall. If you would like to run outdoors with us through the winter, consider joining our team!

+ Do you offer one-on-one training?

We offer one-on-one running coaching and personal training. Please email info@milehighrunclub.com

Classes & Training

Most Frequently Asked


+ Can I freeze my membership for a period of time?

The Seasonal and Endurance memberships both come with an option to freeze. For the Seasonal, you can freeze your account for up to two weeks total. The Endurance membership can be frozen up to 3 weeks total. The Monthly membership does not come with a freeze option.

+ Do you offer a monthly membership option?

Yes! Click here for more info


+ What is your cancellation policy?

Reservations must be cancelled 12 hours before the scheduled class in order to avoid a 100% cancellation fee or refund, as applicable. Cancellations may be made online by logging into your Account, by e-mailing us at info@milehighrunclub.com or over the phone by calling 212 466-6472

+ What is your late arrival policy?

If runners are not physically present 5 minutes prior to class start time, we will reserve the right to release any unclaimed treadmills to the wait list. Accompanying this late policy and for customer safety, anyone arriving 10 minutes or later after class start time will not be permitted entry to the training studio.

+ Who is eligible for the $18 first class?

This intro offer is valid for anyone who has never taken a class at Mile High. Unfortunately, if you have taken a class here, whether through Gilt, Classpass, or a special event, the intro offer is not valid.

+ Do MHRC class credits expire?

  • Yes, classes purchased after 6/2/17 have expiration dates.
  • 1st class, singles & outdoor classes expire in 30 days.
  • 5 packs expire in 60 days.
  • 10 packs expire in 90 days.

events & promotions

+ Do you offer corporate rates and programs?

Yes, please email info@milehighrunclub.com for more information.

+ Do you offer a student discount?

Yes, we do offer a discount for students. Please email info@milehighrunclub.com for more information

+ I’m interested in having my birthday or other special event at MHRC. Does MHRC host special events?

Yes! If you would like to book a small group you can do so through our website or by calling the studio. For a full class buyout please contact info@milehighrunclub.com

+ Do you donate to charity silent auctions?

Yes, although we cannot accommodate every request. Please email info@milehighrunclub.com

+ Do you host charity classes?

Yes, although we cannot accommodate every request. Please note that our charity classes are often during off-peak times and/or weekend afternoons. If you are still interested, please email info@milehighrunclub.com


+ How long do you keep lost and found items?

Our policy is to keep lost and found items for 60 days.

+ Are there showers to use after class?

Yes! At our NOHO location there are two showers in both locker rooms. At NOMAD there are two in the men’s locker room and two in the women’s. (MW)

+ Do you provide plastic bags in the locker rooms?

We pride ourselves on keeping it “green” and do not have plastic bags. We suggest you bring one or purchase a re-usable one in our retail section. A portion of the proceeds go to Girls on the Run.