• Join us for AKTIV Day on May 8th!


Team MHRC, Mile High Run Club’s official running team, launched in 2016 and is open to all levels and anyone who wants to join. From seasoned athletes to new runners who have recently discovered the sport, we want you to carry us with you as you toe the line.

We're committed to the sport of running in all aspects. Our runners are those who strive to compete in races as well as support each other regardless of pace or distance. Team MHRC was built on a strong “we’re in this together” foundation and has since become an integral part of the NYC racing community... and our cheer stations are some of the loudest, most confetti-poppingest on the scene.

Team Benefits:

  • Weekly coached outdoor run from MHRC Noho
  • Bag drop/facility use during business hours*
  • Race support for local races
  • 4 guaranteed, non-complimentary bibs for NYRR Club Points Races
  • Exclusive gear
  • 15% Retail discount in-studio
  • Constant contact to coaches and members
  • Invitations to open runs

1 Year Membership: $40

Contact: memberservices@milehighrunclub.com for information

Serious Fun

Team MHRC has proudly taken 1st place in NYRR Open Women's C Standings for the 2017 race season for First Year Teams. As well as competing in many local races, our runners show improvements across the board from 5k to marathon distance with some of our runners taking podium. Our cheer stations are some of the loudest, most confetti-poppingest stations on the course.