Fitness Tracking App Comparison

Are You On The Right Track?

Tracking APP that is! Are your heads are spinning with the endless abundance of run tracker options to choose from? Fortunately MHRC Coach Vinnie Miliano geeks out on tracking devices and was willing to break it down for us. We’ve asked him to provide some pros and cons of the most popular running apps out there to help you decide what suits you best. Read on to get the skinny from Vinnie!

Garmin Connect


  • Connects your Garmin device to an easy-to-use interface.
  • More analytics (depending on model) than any app. (running, cycling and swimming metrics!)

  • Can sync with Nike+ Running and Strava Run apps.


  • Requires GPS watch to use

  • **For a full rundown on the newest Garmin model, check out Vinnie’s previous post!

Strava Run


  • Super accurate stop/go feature

  • Over 1 million active users

  • Social network for runners providing friendly competition

  • Can connect with certain GPS watches

  • Automatically uploads data to social media


  • Limited privacy as to what is posted to social media

  • May provide “too much” information for recreational runner

  • Competitive nature of the app may be overwhelming

Map My Run


  • Easy to use

  • Access to workouts and mile-by-mile support

  • Accurate stop/go feature

  • Large network of app users

  • Connects to social media


  • GPS may be incorrect at times

  • Many features locked in free version

Nike+ Running


  • Most popular app

  • Easy interface

  • Accurate stop/go

  • Daily workouts accessible for free

  • Millions of active users allowing for friendly competition with friends in connected network

  • In-run audio feedback

  • Connects to social media


  • GPS can be inaccurate at times

Coach Vinnie’s preference: Lose the phone and pick up a GPS watch (Garmin, Timex, Epson), especially if you’re looking to improve as a runner. Holding a phone can upset your form, add weight, and slow you down all together. GPS watches come in many different levels and are loaded with useful tech that can easily be synced to your smartphone after your run. As an added bonus, no phone means no music, which is important if you run outside. Lose the headphones. Connect back to your surroundings for a more enjoyable and SAFE run.