Favorite Workout Training Gear

Fall Training Gear: Fake It Until You Make It

Discovering cutting-edge athletic gear is almost as fun as hitting it hard in the gym, and we always know we’ve found the right piece when innovation and function meet high quality and design. Being the trendsetters that they are, we do not need to look any further than the MHRC coaches to find out how to fake it until you make it. Have a peek at their top picks for fall:

MHRC Coach Jes Woods

Nike Epic Lux Women's Running Capris

I never used to like capris because I didn't think they looked flattering with my body type ("body type" aka giant calves), but these capris really changed my mind. They feel tight (I liked to feel locked into my tights) and silky; they have a flattering high waist; the back pocket fits my iPhone quite nicely; and they're perfect for this in between seasons weather.

Nike Dri-FIT Knit Contrast Running Top

Not practically speaking, I am from Western Pennsylvania and inherently have a love for camouflage. Practically speaking, I sweat quite a bit and this shirt wicks and dries rather quickly. It's also a bit longer, which is nice if you struggle with fit in that region. When the temperature drops in the coming months, you can continue to wear this top as a nice base layer.

P.S. The camo top also comes in a grey/black colorway perfect for a run-gothic-chic-to-brunch outfit if paired with a black leather jacket and a pair of Nike Flyknit Racers.

Ultimate Direction Scott Jurek Ultra Vest 2.0

It should go without saying that Scott Jurek knows EXACTLY what a runner needs. This pack is perfect for ultra training, or even self supported long runs in your marathon training. I prefer the front loading bottles as opposed to messing with a bladder; plus, the vest is ultra comfortable (pun intended) with pockets and compartments galore to stash anything and everything you need.

MHRC Coach Elizabeth Corkum aka “Coach Corky”

Asics Speed Chill Arm Sleeves

They are cheap (about $9 per pair), comfy and come in a ton of colors. I love using them for fall racing and training. In some races I'll fold them down or even toss them on the course. I almost always race in a sports bra or singlet, and so arm sleeves are a great way for me to stay warm but also easily strip away that layer.

CEP Women’s Progressive Compression Socks (knee high)

Not as cheap as the arm sleeves ($55 per pair), but well worth the money. Mine have lasted over 4 years, and are still holding up well. They are great as a layer under tights when it gets really cold, or I usually race marathons in them and shorts. You can also wear them for recovery.

Pre-race gloves

Think the super cheap small gloves you can find for like $2 to $4, and then toss in a race or long run if you warmup. Hands have a hard time staying warm, even when we are sweating. It's amazing what a cheap and thin pair of gloves can do - and you can still grab water or unwrap a GU while wearing them on a long run or race day.

MHRC Coach Luke Lombardo

BROOKS Pureconnect 4 Running Shoes

I started out with the first edition of the pureconnect 5 years ago and fell in love. They've yet to fail me and my philosophy is, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Nike Enchanted Impossibly Light Running Jacket

As the name suggests, this jacket is incredibly light and breathable. I'm also a huge Nike fan!

Nike Pro Recovery Hypertight

I mean, c'mon! Are these not the coolest tights you've ever seen?!