Importance of Footstrike in Treadmill Fitness Training

Finding the optimal footstrike to amp up efficiency

Build from the ground up!

As we progress as runners, we start to look at ways to improve efficiency. Whether we're just starting out or are seasoned marathoners, it's always helpful to check in on our footstrike.

Finding the right footstrike (where your foot makes contact with the surface) is key to optimal performance. Ideally, we want to land close to our center of gravity.

How is it more efficient? This simple form correction leads to minimal contact time with the ground and keeps us from wasting energy.


  • Start off slow in a controlled environment (like Mile High!) with your core engaged and hips forward.

  • Be conscious of where your center is - generally the area around your belly button.

  • As you start to move forward, think about minimizing contact.

  • Be mindful of over-striding and avoid dragging the legs back once they make contact.

Try it on the tread & take it to the street!