Fire Up Your Glutes at our DASH28 Class

Fire Up Those Glutes!

You’ll find us running through stretches and movements like body weight squats, hip circles and high knees at the top of the DASH 28 class that look more like the workout itself than the warm up! But all we’re doing is going through a DYNAMIC warm up. This means your body is continuously moving, even while stretching.

The continuous movements help warm up the large muscle groups, increase range of motion, and get you mentally prepared for the run. It’s not safe to go from relaxation mode to full on workout mode with nothing in between.

The body weight squats, alternating lunges, and toy soldiers (for example) help fire up our running specific muscles - hamstrings, glutes, quads, stabilizer muscles - that we’re going to use on the treadmill. A-skips, high knees, and butt kickers are a nice way to not only warm the body, but also sneak in a few drills that highlight proper running form and technique through repetitive motion.