Foam Rolling 101 (Video)

Foam Rolling 101

If you’ve taken a class at Mile High Run Club and you’ve seen our TriggerPoint foam rollers but have yet to use them, you’re missing out on a vital pre- and post-run massage! Don’t be intimidated by the foam roller. Simple techniques like the ones in this video can help prevent injury, increase blood flow, and help release tight muscles. Check out the video, follow along with the easy instructions below, and try it out before or after your next class at MHRC!


With the foam roller under one calf, place your ankles atop one another. Use your hands to lift your pelvis up so weight is evenly distributed between the hands and foam roller. Roll back and forth from your Achilles to the back of the knee being sure to roll the inside, outside, and center of the muscle. If a spot seems tender, hold the roller there for additional time.


Start off in a plank position with the roller under the front of your thighs. Lower down onto your forearms and start to pull your body forward and back allowing your feet to rise and fall. Roll the length of the quad from the top of the knee (do not go beyond!) towards the pelvis.


Sitting on the ground with your hand behind you for support, place the foam roller under your seat with one leg slightly extended. Raise opposite leg into a figure-four position and shift weight onto the seat of your extended leg. Using your hands and extended foot, roll back and forth massaging the glute.


With the foam roller under your hip, come into a side plank. Pivot onto the outside of your thigh. Rest your top leg down for support and begin to roll the length of the thigh from the bottom of the glute to just above the knee. ITB Syndrome is common in runners so take this movement slowly, again giving additional time to the more tender spots.


Sit with the foam roller placed just above your sacrum. Keep both feet planted firmly on the ground and lift your pelvis with one forearm. Roll the length of the lower back massaging either side of the spine.

TriggerPoint Foam Rollers are available at all studio locations!