Nutrition for Running

Food IS Fuel

Do you engage in an inner dialogue when trying to figure out what to eat post-workout or post-race to properly refuel? Identifying the perfect snack that is both nutritious AND delicious can be like finding that perfect running jam….and you just know you can’t live without it when you do. MHRC coaches have some yummy go to post-run favorites that will make your tummy grumble and your muscles happy. Bring on the munchies!

MHRC Coach Karli A

DRINKS - Water/Nuun/Gatorade/Coconut Water

Liquids! My favorite! I always have 2-3 bottles of some sort of liquid on me at all times. Water is the most important, but I throw in a couple of sports drinks and coffee too. Post-run, my first thirst quencher will usually be Nuun water or a few sips of Gatorade. After that initial sugar/liquid carb intake, I will gulp down tons of water, and perhaps some coconut water if it's a warmer season. My body does not function well if not properly hydrated since I have low blood sugar so I perform much better with the addition of the Nuun/Gatorade in my drinks rather than sticking to straight water all of the time.

SNACKS - Yogurt/Granola/Berries/Banana/Protein Shake

I have really low blood sugar so I am always craving "sweets" after a run. This does not mean dessert or candy, but something that can help satisfy that sometimes dizzying feeling. My first reach post-run is typically for fruits! I LOVE berries, bananas, peaches - really all fruits. The main goal is to replenish ASAP, especially on a super hot day. I also love a protein shake because straight protein shaken with water gives a direct replenishment to the muscle fibers for a strong, speedy recovery. If I've gone for a long, slow distance run, my post-run snack is more of a meal, usually consisting of a high protein/fiber cereal, greek yogurt with granola, and possibly even a banana with some Nutella on the side.

POST-RACE - Pancakes, Pretzels, Pizza, Frozen Yogurt

After a race the recovery can be a little different because my body feels much more depleted than after a training run. I definitely enjoy carbohydrates post-race as well as the sugars so I ordinarily opt for pretzels, pancakes, pizza - it depends on the race distance and how hard I was pushing the pace for a client. I love brunch so pancakes fit REALLY well in there :) . Sometimes I’ll even opt for a Belgian waffle with a little ice cream on top! Which also coincides with my love for frozen yogurt. I think of it as a cold version of the yogurt snack post-run, but more deserved after a race to add in the "ice cream" feel!

MHRC Coach Jes W

Favorite #1 - Steaming Cup of Bone Broth

After a chilly or rainy run, my new favorite comfort food is a warm cup of bone broth. Not only does it warm you up from the inside out, it is secretly packed with "superfood magic". It helps strengthen your immune system with its high concentration of minerals, the magnesium and calcium help protect your bones, and the glucosamine keeps your joints healthy and functional.

Favorite #2 - Ice Cold IPA

It's not exactly a health food, but a cold IPA after a long trail run is not the worst rehydrator (it's approximately 90% water if you stay away from the high ABV beers). Why else would they have it at the finish line of most ultra trail races?

MHRC Coach Corinne F

Favorite Favorite Favorite! - Chocolate Milk

Chocolate milk is my go-to post-workout drink. A coach in high school once gave it to me after a tough workout, and I've been having it ever since! It also has that desired 4:1 carb to protein ratio which gives your body exactly what you need to recover.