Mile High Run Club Runner

Happy Runner: Alexander B

When did you first start attending MHRC classes? How often do you participate in MHRC classes?

  • I started coming to Mile High Run Club in the summer of 2015. I’d been having some health problems - I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and as a result of being too tired to exercise much gained a bit of weight. Once I was able to treat the sleep apnea I had more energy and took up boxing. However, one day my session was cancelled and I just happened to be walking by the NOHO studio. I went in and inquired and then decided to give it a try. I got hooked pretty quickly!

  • I come about 2-3 times a week - 3 when I’m at my best and 2 being the more average number.

Do you have a favorite instructor?

  • No. All of the coaches are great and offer smart and impactful training programs and exercises.

What do you like most about MHRC?

  • It’s really the whole package. One of the best things is the way the classes are organized and constructed - it is clear that Debora [Warner, founder and president of MHRC] has been coaching for some time. The transition from aerobic threshold to anaerobic is really well done and the class becomes increasingly difficult at a good pace. The intervals are also very intelligent and the coaches are excellent. I also like the music and disco lights. The facilities are nice and offer good products.

What keeps you coming back?

  • The desire to run on the treadmill and my personal health. Also, the overall friendliness of MHRC - it’s a very warm place where everyone from coaches to the front desk staff is very encouraging. That aspect is really motivating. The NOHO studio is also very conveniently located near my apartment.

  • Also the workout. It’s much more efficient in terms of getting the heart rate up to it’s peak rate. Nothing beats it.

How have you changed since beginning to run with MHRC?

  • I lost 10 pounds and dropped my body fat from 22 to 17%! That’s the objective side of it. I’m not sure if I subscribe to the runner’s high craze, but I can say that I definitely feel better after I run. It’s another aspect of my daily routine. If I’m not working it’s something to do that’s good for me, and I can see my exercise ability really improve. Running is an easy thing to get better at. You just have to keep doing it.

What, if any, tools have you gleaned through participating in MHRC classes?

  • This isn’t a tool, but through MHRC I’ve had the opportunity of becoming part of a small community of sorts. The studio is a place where I’ve been able to meet people in the neighborhood. I’ll often run with the same people on a routine basis, which helps create the feeling of community.

  • I’ve also had the opportunity to travel with MHRC. I wanted to get out of the cold for a week and I didn’t have anyone to travel with so I chose to go somewhere where there would be good people to hang out with, which turned out to be the Mile High Wings trip to St. Lucia. It was great! A fun trip overall with lots of good exercises and activities.