Happy Runner: Brittany M

When did you first start attending MHRC classes? What inspired you to book your first class?

  • I had decided to take a break from the triathlon team I was a part of and my membership at Chelsea Piers, and I was looking for a convenient gym in my neighborhood. Nothing seemed right, but I stumbled upon MHRC one night, not long after it had opened its doors the first first time. The next morning I did a trial class and was immediately hooked. At the end of 2014 I was looking ahead on a few long term race objectives, ultimately ending (in Dec 2015) with my biggest running challenge to date - a technical 50k trail race in California. I knew what I would need to do to get me to that day, and it was clear from that first class, that MHRC was the perfect addition to my training regime.

How often do you participate in MHRC classes?

  • During my training season I was coming two-three times a week, combining MHRC with my own outdoor runs, strength training and lots of rock climbing :) . At the moment, with races out of the way, I am taking a bit of a rest, but still coming at least once per week.

Do you have a favorite coach?

  • I love running with a coach who I know is a serious endurance runner, as that's where my focus is, but I do all my workouts in the early morning so sadly I haven't had the opportunity yet to meet all the great coaches. I love Matt W.'s class - always challenging and fun and his enthusiasm is contagious. Andia, Jes, and Corinne are badasses and I love running with inspiring, accomplished women.

What do you like most about MHRC?

  • The concept. It's perfect for NYC - not the easiest place to train for the trails on the West Coast! Until MHRC I did most of my runs on my own. The year before I had been part of a triathlon team (with Corinne!) and quickly realized the benefits of running with a team and a coach. When I decided to shift my focus back solely to running and a few long term race goals, MHRC was the perfect compliment to my training regime, especially for the speed workouts and hills, which are always so challenging for me to do on my own. Also, I've never been a treadmill runner and wondered if I would take to it, but I find that the treadmill keeps me honest. It's also way too easy to make excuses and not go to the river on a cold January morning when it's dark and icy out!
  • I also love the strength training 'for runners' combo in the DASH 28 class (and wish there was more of this!). Runners tend to forget the necessity of strength training and training your muscles right (which is SO important), and I believe this is the very reason for my knee injury a few years earlier. I love that MHRC thinks about training for the 'whole athlete', and would encourage more of this.

How have you changed since beginning to run with MHRC?

  • I've felt more prepared for my year of great races and accomplishments and less concerned about injury because I know I have trained smarter than I have in the past. A little back story: I join the tri team shortly after recovering from knee surgery, an acute injury which was a result, at least in part, of over-training certain muscles and not others. The purpose of training for tri's for me, was that I knew I needed to cross train to get myself back on track for long term running goals. When I was ready to put the majority of my focus back on running, MHRC was, and has been, the perfect partner in that journey.

Beyond a great workout, what do you get out of a MHRC class?

  • Happy, motivated, healthy people to be surrounded by and inspired by! Also, MHRC and I share a common passion beyond running: Social impact (with a running twist!). I was in Nepal last April during the devastating earthquake and upon my return, MHRC and I joined forces to do something to help. In November we held a benefit at the studio: "small business helping small business get back up and running", a critical area of need as the country continues to rebuild. We ran to raise funds to get a small business and as many as 200 employees in Nepal get back to work, and generated a lot of buzz on the issues as well. It was a modest effort, but I believe we made a substantial impact. See more:

How has your lifestyle changed?

  • Certainly I have learned and put into practice many new specific speed and hill workouts, that I now (sometimes.. lol) do during my own runs (though I find it's way more fun to sweat it out in the class with the others). I truly feel it's upped my running game in many ways. I'll never be a professional runner, and I will probably always be a mid-pack finisher, but what matters to me most is to be able to have these adventures in running, to run into the unknown, whether it be longer races or new trails and terrain, with the confidence that my body can physically and emotionally handle the challenges ahead. MHRC has been an essential ingredient in helping me to continually build that confidence as I continue to push boundaries for myself.