Mile High Run Club Featured Runner

Happy Runner: Gaynor M

When did you first start attending MHRC classes?

  • I attended my first MHRC class in March 2015. I became aware of MHRC through Nike Run Club. During the spring of 2015 I participated in a speed class led by Nike's head coach Chris Bennett and felt drawn to MHRC. I was very impressed by the classes offered. I hated running on treadmills and I don't enjoy running in the cold. This felt like a solution that would resolve my issues with running in cooler temperatures. I felt as though I was hanging out in a disco with great music all while getting my running groove on. What more could I ask for? Maybe some coconut water?

How often do you participate in MHRC classes?

  • I take a least two classes per week at MHRC. I take a DISTANCE class and a DASH 28 class.

Do you have a favorite instructor?

  • Debora Warner is my favorite coach at MHRC. I was actually late for another class and ended up taking the next class which was being taught by Deb. Deb is definitely one of the calmest people I've ever met and the first time I took her class I couldn't help but think, “Here we go. This is going to be absolutely boring.” However, for some unexplainable reason the moment she opened her mouth I was amazed at how through the calmness I was able to actually focus on the workout ahead. It was as if all the unresolved issues from my day were no longer a concern. I was just wrapped up in that moment, hyped and ready to take on whatever challenge was thrown at me during the class. I was also pleasantly surprised at her music selection… it blew me out of the water and was totally my speed. Her selections will have you hyped up for the entire class.

  • I also like Deb because she has taught me to be a more dedicated and stronger runner. I love to take her DISTANCE class on Tuesdays. It incorporates speed, hills and threshold training for the entire 60 minutes of class. It's very challenging, but is so worth it!

What do you like most about MHRC?

  • I like MHRC because it offers so many options in terms of class times, which helps me to balance my professional and personal lives. The classes are challenging and there is a great selection of qualified and experienced coaches. The staff is also pleasant and professional.

What keeps you coming back?

  • After every class I leave thinking that I have so much more potential and can learn so much more from the coaches if I just stick with it. So I've decided to stick with it and that's the main reason that I keep coming back to MHRC. The workouts are challenging, the music is amazing and there is a certain uniqueness to each coach and each workout.

How have you changed since beginning to run with MHRC?

  • My whole philosophy has changed since running at MHRC. I don't hate running on treadmills anymore and I take classes at MHRC all through the year and love it! MHRC has inspired me to want to train harder without worrying about getting hurt.

Beyond a great workout, what do you get out of a MHRC class?

  • Whether I take a class in the morning or one in the evening, I leave feeling the same way. I leave feeling a huge sense of accomplishment, and have a song playing in my head and a smile in my heart.

How has your lifestyle changed?

  • I've come to realize that while I do love running, the need to preserve my joints is very important to me. My main focus since 2015 has been to ensure that I do less mileage off the treadmill, especially if I'm training for a race. MHRC helps me to balance my indoor and outdoor training in order to achieve my weekly mileage goals when I'm preparing for a marathon or half marathon.

What, if any, tools have you gleaned through participating in MHRC classes?

  • MHRC has definitely taught me that dedication and perseverance pay off. In 2014 I was plagued with a bunch of injuries (torn calf muscle, Sciatica and hip flexor issues). At times it was frustrating because I knew that I had so much more potential but had these nagging injuries that kept me from realizing it. If you are not a dedicated runner it's easy to give up. However, the coaches at MHRC are so encouraging and they believe in you, and that was one of the things that kept me running in 2015. Now during my races I find myself repeating a lot of the running skills imparted by each coach whose classes I've taken at MHRC. I can definitely say my running skills have improved since I started training with MHRC.