Mile High Run Club Member

Happy Runner: Sarah D

When did you first start attending MHRC classes? What spurred you to book your first class?

I first started going to MHRC in early 2015. I was at a running event and met someone who was involved with MHRC and it sounded awesome so I decided to give it a try. It was the middle of a horrible NYC winter, so it seemed like a cool class to check out since running outside in the cold is not my favorite thing

How often do you participate in MHRC classes?

Earlier this fall when I was training for the NYC marathon, I was at MHRC between 2 - 3 times a week. One class was a long run where we cover 18 - 20 miles outside. The other classes helped me work on speed and endurance through hill and sprint drills.

Do you have a favorite instructor, and if so who is he/she? Why is he/she your favorite?

I like various instructors for various reasons. I like Debora’s laid back style. I like Zack’s energy and music selection! I like Lucas’ focus on mental focus. I like Jes’ outdoor long runs because the routes are awesome and her energy is so positive and encouraging. I also like Corrine’s joy for running, it’s contagious!

What do you like most about MHRC?

I used to hate running with a group! But, now I realize the benefits of how much training with others helps you get better in your form, speed, and focus. I also love the vibe in the club. It’s very low key and down to earth. I don’t feel like I’m in a fitness cult!

What keeps you coming back?

I love to challenge myself and I’m a bit competitive, so I like constantly trying to get better. MHRC helps me always find some new part of my run to improve - my mental focus, my form, my attitude, my endurance. I wouldn’t tend to think about all of these things so often if I didn’t have a coach reminding me about each area! I also like the community - the people I’ve met and the friendships that are forming!

How have you changed since beginning to run with MHRC?

I feel more confident in my running. I used to just go out and run. But now, I really feel like running is a part of my lifestyle, not just some cardio activity I have to check off my weekly workout plan. I guess the confidence isn’t just limited to running because when I achieve some new goal or time with running, it makes me realize just how far I can push myself and encourages me to push myself in other areas of my life.

Beyond a great workout, what do you get out of a MHRC class?

My favorite part of a MHRC class is having an hour of my day where I am totally focused on myself and not distracted by technology, work, or anything else. Sometimes a run is just a way to run off stress, sometimes it’s a way to process some problem, sometimes it’s a medication, sometimes it’s a pep talk. Each workout has a purpose beyond physical fitness!

How has your lifestyle changed?

I definitely have seen a huge improvement in my running. In October 2014 before MHRC, I did a 1/2 marathon in 1:59:25. Then I joined MHRC and in March 2015 I did the NYC 1/2 1:52:15 and then in May 2015 I did the Brooklyn 1/2 in 1:48:29. So in the space of 6 months, I took about 11 minutes off my half marathon!!! Also, I had to have unexpected surgery this summer and so doing the NYC marathon was a bit questionable (because I had to take 6 weeks off running). But, after getting clearance to run again, I came back and in two weeks was doing 18 mile long runs! I think it’s because I was in such amazing condition before the surgery (thanks to MHRC).