How to Stay Motivated and Keep Moving {Together}

Although the pandemic has put a hold on our indoor treadmill classes, you can still find ways to stay motivated and keep moving with the launch of our new Mile High Audio App! Whether you tune in outdoors or indoors, try workouts that will improve your endurance with tempo efforts, test your speed with short intervals, or zone out during long runs.

Like many of you, I miss my routine. Every Tuesday morning, I would run in Coach Vinnie’s 5:30AM treadmill class and then coach the 6:30 and 7:30 classes. I engage with runners before and after classes, hearing about what they’re training for and sharing advice from my experience.

But as much as we love routine, runners know how to embrace discomfort and uncertainty. In fact, we do this every time we show up to the studio, willing to tackle a new workout and push our mental and physical limits.

As individual as running is, there’s no denying the benefits of taking on this challenge with our community. The Mile High Run Club is run better, together, for a reason. So here are five tips to help you stay motivated and keep moving:

1. Stick to a schedule

Set times for when you will exercise. For me, this is usually a run in the morning and either strength training or a recovery stretch or walk outside in the early evening. Try adding your exercise breaks to your calendar for accountability.

2. Engage with a community

Ask friends who you normally go to classes with to join you for a run, or you can join one of our outdoor speed and strength classes or long runs with pacers! I also like to engage with the running community on Strava, cheering on others and finding some inspiration for my own workouts.

3. Mix it up

One way to lose motivation is by doing the same thing, over and over again. So mix it up! Try different running routes, perhaps with a new landmark in mind. And do different types of runs: easy, intervals, fartlek, tempo, and my favorite, long.

4. Adjust your goals

While there are almost no races on the calendar, explore how you can change your plan and keep the routine. This may involve reducing your training load and setting new goals such as streaks, time trials, or personal records. And look out for both virtual race options as well as safe outdoor races like the Frozen 5K we have coming up on December 12.

5. Be kind to yourself and others

Recognize that you will not be able to do everything, and that's ok! If you are running outside, avoid locations that appear crowded. Be mindful of your surroundings and take extra caution to keep a safe distance from others, at least until we invent hats with laser beams!