Preparing for the NYC Marathon

John’s GREAT 8 Tips on Running the NYC Half

WHEN should you push the pace in the NYC Half Marathon? HOW do you handle the hills of Central Park? WHAT, if any, pre-race warm-up do you need?

Runners get ready. Get excited. It’s time for the NYC Half Marathon. Anticipation is building along with those pre-race jitters. Well, fear not. We asked MHRC Coach and Olympian John Henwood to share a few racing tips with our runners, because no one knows the NYC Half course better than John.

  1. If you’ve been working like crazy and not getting much sleep, really try to get at least 7-8 hours of sleepper night the 5 nights leading up to the race.

  2. Nutrition over the last week: decrease alcohol and drink plenty of water. Don’t eat any food you’re not use to eating.

  3. Prepare for the race the night before rather than the morning of the event. Reason being your nerves can hinder your thoughts on race day. Preparation includes pinning number on your racing uniform, packing your bag with snacks and clothing adequate for the temperature of the race.

  4. Make sure you eat a light breakfast 90 minutes to 2 hours before the start of the race. You need the energy. Additionally, dinner the night before should be a good size meal.

  5. Make sure you drink at each stations along the course. If you’re just drinking water, take other supplements with you that you have been practicing with during training.

  6. On race day warm up with a light 5-10 minute jog followed by stretches before going to your corral.

  7. Bring plenty of warm clothing that you can just throw away at the start line. If you lose warmth, you loose energy.

  8. The first 6 miles of the race will be hilly as you make your way around Central Park. Run relaxed, conserving your energy for a faster speed you’ll build into when you leave the park. After you leave Central Park the course is flat and downhill so you can really start to pick up your pace.