Live Streaming

Runners (and New Yorkers) persevere. Plain and simple. Our sport, our passion, our shared love for this city and our drive to be better {together} will endure - even while we are apart. That's why amid this crisis, we are excited to launch a schedule of in-home workouts LIVE brought to you by our coaches!

Welcome to a new kind of Club.

This is how it works:

  • workout schedule updated daily
  • in-home workouts with little to no equipment needed
  • these workouts include strength, recovery, yoga, and more
  • workouts will be streamed LIVE on Instagram
  • although free, a donation page is open to help all of our coaches through this difficult time!

Right now, we need to remember that we are part of an amazing community. Social distancing doesn't mean social disconnect. Your team, your coaches, your friends are still here - and we want to connect with you! As of tonight, we are opening up the Mile High Run Club Runner's Forum on Facebook!

Here, our runners can chat directly with each other and with our coaches. Scrolling through memes is one thing, but this public platform will allow us all to share - share recipes, share book recommendations, share movies, articles, podcasts, Netflix passwords, more memes, and above all, share hope.

NYC might be down, but we certainly aren't out. We're looking forward to seeing you all soon and connecting more now than ever. Stay safe, runners.