Meet TeamMHRC: MHRC Coach Fitz (Corrine Fitzgerald) gives a sneak peak of the club's new team

Who's on TeamMHRC?

  • Team MHRC is made up of a group of people who love to run, love Mile High Run Club, and who have excelled at the sport.

How is TeamMHRC different from other racing teams in NYC?

  • Team MHRC is similar to other racing teams in that we have a bunch of speedy runners who love to race, but we differ in that we are linked to the treadmill studio. Having access to treadmills is great because when the weather gets a little too harsh, we don’t have to forfeit our workouts.

Can you share with our readers the selection process and membership requirements?

  • Most of our athletes were selected by MHRC coaches in the club’s treadmill classes. If a coach sees potential in a runner on the treadmill, they usually direct them to me. From there I can help the athlete become a stronger runner than they thought possible.
  • The membership requirements are very easy—sign up for at least one team race (local NYC race) and be a fan of Mile High Run Club! There are other suggestions, like coming to our Advanced Track night, held each Thursday at 7pm, and purchasing our team singlet, but there are way more perks! On the team, you receive 20% off all merchandise and 1-, 5-, or 10-class packages, and you are also invited to our fun Team Socials where we hang out after a run and get to know each other better!

What types of races are the runners on TeamMHRC training for?

  • Everyone on the team is training for something. Most of the athletes are training for half marathons to full marathons, but we also have athletes training for 1-mile races, 5 and 10k’s as well!

As the team captain, how are you helping these runners achieve their goals?

  • My job as team captain is to plan workouts, provide guidance and training programs leading up to big races, improve form and efficiency, and answer any running related questions (race prep, injury care, pre-hab, nutrition, workouts, etc.). I also help the team select the best races for them. We look at what the big “A” races and the little “B” races are that will prepare them for that PR! The team has access to me at all times, just in case they hit a rut in their training.

What next steps would you suggest for a talented/gifted runner who has never raced before?

  • This happens quite frequently, actually! I tell those runners to send me an email ( so we can chat about their goals. If they are interested in racing, then there is a possibility they could join our team and start a training program. We can then determine what race would make the most sense for them.

How many of the TeamMHRC runners completed the NYC Marathon this year? Who are they?

  • We had three athletes in this year’s TCS NYC Marathon— Gary Mu, Sarah Doody, and Steven Cahall. However, we’ve also had four other athletes compete in marathons this year and ten others complete the half distance.

What are your plans for TeamMHRC in 2016?

  • In 2016 I hope to expand the team by 10 to 20 runners, and then start competing in races as a club. We are already very active in the NYC running community, but it’s time to put our name on the board. Since 2016 will be the first full year Team MHRC has existed, we have a very bright future ahead of us.