MHRC Marathon 101

26.2 miles. In one day. Non-stop. That may seem like an astronomical feat, yet if you can run a few miles in a MHRC treadmill class, we promise you can successfully run a half or full marathon. A carefully conceived plan and a bit of intell - along with a commitment to training - are just enough to get you across that finish line, which is why we wanted to devote the first fitness-focused post in our new blog to this milestone distance.

What you need to know.

Marathon training typically kicks off approximately four months in advance of the race – don’t worry; there won’t be any 15 milers on the docket the first week! – and each week total weekly mileage increases and features a variety of runs such as speed workouts, hill training and recovery runs. Those concerned with injury would be advised to add one or two strength sessions per week.

Before kicking off this exciting journey to the starting line of 26.2, it's a good idea to begin by logging some moderately paced miles 4 or 5 times a week in order to build a solid base. Expect to start layering in some speed training twice a week by month 2, and plan to spend a few hours every weekend clocking somewhere between 10 to 20 miles leading up to the event. A smart plan should also always include a "rest" week every fourth week where the total mileage and intensity is reduced by about 30 to 40%.

Choosing the right plan.

Whether it's self-created or the brainchild of a running guru, all those preparing for a marathon should have a plan that incorporates the elements described above. A smart plan provides structure and helps the runner avoid injury.

It's a good idea to speak to other marathon runners or coaches about how to find the right plan for your specific skill level. Some plans prescribe very high mileage, but if a runner is prone to injury (for example) high mileage would not be recommended. Plans that include training with a group are great for staying motivated and hitting performance goals. It's unlikely first-timers would be concerned about performance, however anyone can create realistic goals that help build confidence throughout the training process. The MHRC marathon plans for beginners and advanced runners are designed for busy New Yorkers who need a flexible training schedule, a massive amount of that MHRC motivation and expert guidance from our talented coaching staff of seasoned marathoners. Inquire about our 16-week full plan and 8-week "tune-up!" AND REMEMBER, NOTHING HAPPENS WITHOUT COMMITMENT!