Mile High Wings Fit Travel

Mile High Wings “Fit Travel”

Fit Travel is all the rage. Especially for our New York City clients, for whom a weekend of tanning and mai tai’s is a bit ho hum. Our clients are active, movement focused, health conscious, adventure seeking runners with high expectations and a desire for new encounters. Even as I type that I’m like “yeah!!!” because it describes almost everyone I know. My job is to present NYC athletes with challenging adventures, unique experiences, unforgettable destinations, and adversity as well, because doing something everyone else can do is just not exciting enough. My job is to capture the attention, inspire the soul, ignite the inner badass, and apprehend the senses. My job is… well it’s amazing ;)

For instance, running a marathon in Iceland is bucket list worthy! Especially when combined with glacier hiking, remote exploration, midnight sun, sleeping amidst a volcano, and rye bread ice cream. This is the kind of destination where you can actually imagine that trolls exist. It’s THAT other worldly.

In 2016, Mile High Wings will present…

  • Love Yourself in St Lucia, for those who want to get strong!

  • A Nutrition & Recovery informative in New Paltz, NY, for those who want to FEEL good! TBD

  • A Runner’s Intensive in Boulder, Colorado, for those who want to get smart!

  • A Summer Fling, for girls who want to have fun! TBD

  • A Marathon in Iceland, for those with a lust to wander!

  • A Trail Running Adventure in Mallorca, Spain, for those who believe in trolls!

In closing, let me just say that the bonds formed during these expeditions will last a lifetime. You are who you hang out with, so come meet our exceptionally daring clients and raise your bar by joining Mile High Wings in ________________ (fill in the blank).

Travel isn’t worthwhile if it doesn’t ignite your innate desire to feel alive or maybe just be a little scared of the unknown. So what are you waiting for?!

Email with any questions you may have.