Male Mile High Run Club Athletes

Move OVAH Ladies!

Spotting those seriously fit NYC men getting down with our female dominated group fitness classes that are transforming the way we train can be a little bit like stumbling upon a lion in the jungle. Let’s face it, the dudes are RARE. We already have a higher ratio of men to women here in New York City, so why wouldn’t the gym look any different than your local bar?

Well at MHRC, we would like to take a minute to boast that this is where the guys hang out. Yes ladies! You might find your future runner husband here at MHRC crushing it on the treadmill with a 12.0MPH sprint at Level 4. What’s not hot about that?

Let’s hear what attracted our male athletes to train with us and keep coming back for more!

What first brought you to MHRC? How did you hear about us?

  • Will G: I was looking for a workout that would push me and keep me in shape so that I could continue to live a healthy, active lifestyle. I came to MHRC on the first weekend it opened after it was recommended to me by a good friend who knows my passion for being active.

  • Austin N: I discovered MHRC through ClassPass this past summer. I signed up for Debora’s HIGH 45 class & fell in love! I’m now an unlimited MHRC member and love the new studio addition.

  • Herby J: I first thought running was an individual sport, but to my surprise MHRC has made me think differently. I find its group setting really motivating. I discovered MHRC through Instagram and was intrigued by the workout style.

  • Steven C: I think I saw it (MHRC) in The New York Times, and the timing was perfect as I was just trying to get back to serious mileage after a few years of casual running. I went to Debora’s first class and I’ve been a regular ever since.

Do you race? If not, do you mind listing a few reasons why you run?

  • Will G: Yes, I currently live a very active life of hiking, snowshoeing, climbing mountains/volcanoes, backpacking, kayaking, summit racing and traveling. Running has allowed me to stay in shape so that I can continue to live a healthy, active lifestyle.

  • Austin N: At the start of 2015 I made a goal to be active and found my love for running. I ended up running the NYC Marathon for NYCares and did numerous other races through NYRR. I started running to get active, but quickly found that it is an area of my life where I can just let go and not think or stress about everything else going on. The community of runners is also strong - it’s very supportive and I’ve met a lot of people who have pushed me.

  • Herby J: Yes, I race. I recently ran the 2015 NYC Marathon, which I qualified for by running the 9 +1 through NYRR. I'm heading down to Miami in 2 weeks to run my second full marathon.

  • Steven C: I’ve completed 6 marathons (PR 3:09) and numerous other races, including triathlons up to Half Ironman. I kind of live for race day – even though I know I’m only competing against myself I enjoy feeling the intensity of competition. I can never push myself in a training run the way I can push myself on race day.

Have you taken group fitness classes anywhere else?

  • Will G: Yes, I've taken Muay Thai and Functional fitness classes.

  • Austin N: Of course, I’ve done everything from spinning to hot yoga. I enjoy going to Peloton Cycling and Bikram Hot Yoga. The group environment pushes me to “compete” with those around me, which is why I’m obsessed with MHRC.

  • Herby J: I have taken a few other group fitness classes such as SoulCycle and Tone House.

  • Steven C: I don’t really workout beyond running, unless drinking martinis counts as fitness (in which case I engage in “group fitness” all the time).

What do you love most about running?

  • Will G: I love the mental and physical challenge it gives me. No matter how active I am every day presents different obstacles. Be it getting over an injury, muscle tightness/soreness, work stress, not enough sleep, and etc., running through these obstacles everyday is a very rewarding and satisfying experience. It gives you the confidence to know that no matter what's in your way you have the strength to get over it if you believe you can. After a kickass interval run at MHRC the rest of the day is easy!

  • Austin N: I love to move and running gets me active and doesn’t require any equipment (other than your legs). My body goes places and my mind roams free while I run. It’s a high that I can’t explain, but is addicting.

  • Herby J: The list is long, but if I had to pick one I would say the freedom. For that moment in the day, my life gets puts on hold. It's only my shuffle, watch and some nutrients while I take in the beauty of this city.

  • Steven C: There’s a variety of things that make running important to me. It keeps me in shape, it clears my head, it helps me see a place in a unique way (I once got lost running in Tokyo for 2 hours) and it helps me push to my limits. And thanks to Nike now the clothes are even cool.

What do you love most about MHRC?

  • Will G: The instructors’ passion and knowledge for running and teaching. The instructors’ high level of energy and enthusiasm make the classes fun and enjoyable. On top of that I am taught something new about my technique and form in every class. This has made me a much more efficient and faster runner with results to prove it. This past May I participated in the Northface Endurance 10K Race held at Bear Mountain and I finished 16th overall with an under 50 minute time. This result was possible because of my training at MHRC.

  • Austin N: Well, the mirrors, lights, instructors, treadmills, locker rooms, front desk staff, and the kick-ass music choices. Pretty much EVERYTHING. It’s legit a race within the studio and each class has been different. The instructors push you to challenge yourself yet you are in control to make your own decisions. It’s even almost as though you are in a race because of the mirrors and atmosphere they create with the other runners around you pushing for the finish line. It’s competitive, addicting, and my favorite way to train during the winter and beyond.

  • Herby J: Definitely my peers and the coaches. My fellow runners set the bar high and push me to achieve my own personal running goals. Similarly, through their personal experiences and workout knowledge the coaches help guide me to unlock my potential.

  • Steven C: The community – it’s tough to train hard on your own. Whether track or treadmill, you need a group to keep you honest on intervals, and ideally be with some comrades on race day. I like the flashy lights too.