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On the Brooklyn Half

The Brooklyn Half, the largest half located in NYC’s backyard, is one you don't want to miss. It’s known as a fast course, but the crowds from the beginning to the end are what make it so fast. You won’t go more than 1-2 miles without seeing familiar faces from clubs, friends, or family— all the way to the final stretch down the boardwalk!

That said, friendly faces can only take you so far and it is only fast if you’re ready for it— there are hills at the beginning and some subtle rollers throughout the straightaway heading to Coney Island.

The best way to prepare for the hills...TRAIN ON HILLS. Whether it’s incline on a treadmill, loops in the park (central or prospect), or running bridges. Nothing will get you more prepared for the varying paces you’ll need to run and prep the muscles your body will use going up and down a hill than actually doing it.

Perhaps one of the more challenging parts of the race will be the first 4 miles through the park— staying patient while you see others going out faster is key. Remember it’s a half marathon; after you exit the park, you will still have 9 miles to run! Once you exit the park, you’ll be able to settle into your half pace for 6 or so miles before you start to pick it up in that final 5K.

To properly prepare for this race, you will want to keep up with your strength training - a half marathon requires endurance AND strength. 2-3 days a week of properly programmed periodization that aligns with your running plan is necessary to get you to the starting line healthy and ready to crush!

Parting words: Keep showing up, even on the days you don’t want to. Especially on the days you don't want to. And keep putting in the right work— the results are always worth it.

Good luck, racers!