Mile High Run Club First Anniversary

One Down!

We built it. They came. This year has been one of the best years of my life. Mile High Run Club opened it's doors last fall one full year ago Saturday, November 8th. MHRC Coach Andia Winslow kicked us off with a massive bang in her expertly coached 8am DASH 28 class as the dust was still settling in the studio. Andia brought the house down and started a fire on E4th Street that is still blistering hot.

As we settled into our new home in NOHO last November, we had a growing list of kinks to sort out before the Back On My Feet fundraiser to feature famed ultra runner Scott Jurek that was scheduled for the end of the month. By the time that event did get underway, Saturday, November 22nd, the little wrinkles and imperfections quickly faded into the background when our newly blossoming running community came together to honor the men and women in transition and celebrate a greater cause. We got our runners high from the warmth and generosity shared by everyone who participated in classes that day, from the men and women in transition to Terence Gerchberg who brought everyone together. Thank you T!

The first busy months of operations gave way to an even busier winter season, and we saw competitive runners come inside to embrace the treadmill and fall in love with it.

There's not enough room on this page for all the acknowledgments, but I would like to say in closing it has been truly a pleasure meeting the runners of MHRC. We've enjoyed every single class. You have inspired us with your PR's. You bring your smile and your best effort to every run. You respect our home, and your positivity is contagious.

We celebrate YOU on our birthday. YOU are the story of MHRC.