Stay Fit During The Holidays

Plan for a FUN & FIT Holiday Season!

Yes, our schedules can become a bit more hectic during the Holiday Season, but let’s be honest, no more hectic than a busy summer. During the summer we manage to juggle beach outings, backyard BBQ’s and a consistent fitness routine. The few months that link October to January should be no different. How? I thought that you would never ask!

I would like to recommend the following 3-part strategy:

COMMIT to staying strong and healthy during the Holidays. Be clear with your intentions - you should know exactly what your goals are. Write them down and refer to them often. When a temptation presents itself, and you know that it will, it will be easier to resist. For example, one of my December Fitness Goals is to take 3 Dash 28 classes and 1 High 45 class per week. I notate this in my day planner and then determine how I can make this happen.

Make a PLAN. Do not leave the possibility of achieving your goals to chance. If you don’t make a realistic plan, you will set yourself up for failure and not success. We want to be successful - it feels AMAZING when we have achieved our goals! Referencing my example above, I plan out my week every Sunday evening. I always fill in my work schedule first; gotta earn the cash to pay for my fitness! I then fill in my fitness schedule. I treat every class like an appointment with my boss. I would never be late to nor blow off a meeting with my boss. Remember, gotta keep the boss happy to keep the job to pay for my fitness. Finally, I will fill in social events. If there is a conflict with my fitness, I will reschedule my fitness and NOT eliminate it. This may mean that I have to get up an extra hour early, but since it is a non-negotiable goal, it has to happen.

STICK to said plan. If you have trouble keeping yourself accountable, enlist the help of a family member, friend or instructor who you know will ensure that you stick to your plan. Perhaps they will be inspired to join you. If you slip-up and miss an appointment, acknowledge that it happened, don’t beat yourself up, and simply reschedule it as soon as possible.

Most importantly, don’t forget to reward yourself when you have achieved your goal!