Prepare for Group Running

Sunday Tips from MHRC: Dress Properly

This week, we bring you a few more reminders for running in heat & humidity!

  • DRESS PROPERLY! Wearing a hat will keep the sun and sweat off your face & out of your eyes.

  • PLAN! Try to avoid peak sun times, mainly 11am - 2pm.

  • BALANCE! If running long runs, supplement half the run with a Mile High class. This will only help in your overall performance as your body adjusts to the longer distances with the combination of speedwork.

Did you know?

Taking a cold shower will not shield you from that post run sweat. Allow yourself an additional 30 minutes post run for your body temperature to lower, if possible.

We are runners, we geek out on this stuff, and know you do, too. Have ideas for future topics? Let us know!