Warmups before Treadmill running

Sunday Tips from MHRC: Fire it up with dynamic warmups!

Before you run, take a time to activate and lubricate!

If you've taken our Dash 28 or run our #NightAtTheTrack, you know we don't mess around with warmups. Dynamic warmups activate the specific muscles you'll be using during your run as well as help lubricate joints and improve in-run mobility.

Follow these simple guidelines when warming up before your next run:

  • IT'S ABOUT FORM- concentrate on the mind/muscle connection

  • SLOW AND CONTROLLED- don't sacrifice proper form for rushing the warmup

  • FULL RANGE OF MOTION- this is your opportunity to find the big movements to really open up the body to the stress of running

BECOMING CONSCIOUS OF OUR BREATH AND BODY- part of being a good runner is listening to our body. Finding your breath and your connection to the activity will help you on your journey