Sunday Tips from MHRC: How breathing right can change your run!

Something so simple, yet often overlooked...

Take a big, conscious inhale in. And release.

It's not often we think about our breath but it's one of the simplest ways to improve our run! With a few quick exercises, you can gain confidence, improve efficiency, promote balance and strength, and reduce fatigue.

  • Finding balance with your breath is as easy as staying aware of it; change your focus from to-do lists, music lyrics, random thoughts, or work emails to your body's natural rhythm of inhale-exhale.

  • As you run, matching your breath to your footstrike helps the brain and body work together to find balance.

  • Try a rhythm of three steps in, two steps out at slower speeds, and two in, two out for faster speeds.

  • Letting the mind wander is OK, but always coming back to the breath will help the mind and body connect.

Not running right away? Try it as you walk around your office or around the city!