Group Running Class in Hot Weather

Sunday Tips from MHRC: Slow Down!

This week, we bring you a few reminders for running in heat & humidity!

  • SLOW DOWN! When running for an extended period of time in extremely warm temperatures, your focus should be on remaining comfortable throughout the run and not the overall pace.

  • STAY HYDRATED! Take in sips of water every 30 - 40 min of running

  • REFUEL! While water is always a good idea, remember to refuel electrolytes. It's a simple as adding salt to your water and / or can be as official as gels or shot blocks.

Did you know?

You should expect your times to be five to eight percent longer than usual for the same distance. For example, say your forecast is showing a high of 77 degrees Fahrenheit with 85 percent humidity. That’s a dew point of 72 degrees. That means a run that takes 30 minutes on a good day will take around 32 minutes today.

We are runners, we geek out on this stuff, and know you do, too. Have ideas for future topics? Let us know!