The Mile High High

Greetings, one and all! Coach Ryan here.

On behalf of Mile High Run Club, and our kickass community of runners and athletes, it is my honor and pleasure to be writing the inaugural Coaches Newsletter. It will cover everything under the sun, from running and fitness tips, news and updates on local events, insights on training and nutrition, and whatever else we believe will help you SMASH your goals and be your fullest self.

We are a community built around the idea that health is wealth, and we want to make you filthy rich! So join us as we explore the wide world of fitness and wellness, and let us be your sherpa!

First things first. The most important question to ponder — Why?

Why do you practice? Why do you run? Why do you eat healthily? Why not?!

It’s important because most of us want a deep sense of purpose and passion in our daily lives. We want to feel like our words and actions are intentional, thoughtful, and packed with meaning. Of course, sometimes all we feel is stress and anxiety, as though it’s a constant grind to keep our ship on course. There’s no doubt that with a thorough understanding of the Why, you’ll have a method to navigate those choppy waters, and eventually dock at the port of even your loftiest dreams.

How do you cultivate your Why?

Share your thoughts and feelings. Ask questions. Communicate and engage with your community. Stretch into new ones. We can all teach each other if we keep our hearts and minds open to the endless abundance of our experiences. Give yourself the opportunity to design the life you want to live, and then build it, brick by brick. You are absolutely worth it, and you are perfect just the way you are. It’s time to let it shine baby! No fear! No distractions! Go now, and be your brightest light!

Forever cheering,

Coach Ryan