+ Which class is right for me?

All of our classes are truly designed for all levels and you everyone would benefit from any one of them; that said, if you’re new to running or don’t run that often, we usually recommend the Dash 28 or the Dirty 30 as the total time spent on the tread is just 30 minutes or less for each. Most of our runners cover between 2-3+ miles in these classes.

If you are looking to take down some serious miles on the tread, then we would recommend the High 45 (45 minutes of work on the tread) or The Distance (60 minutes of work on the tread). Our runners usually cover around 4-6+ miles and 5-7+ in miles each class respectively.

Finally, if you are more interested in building muscle and a strong foundation for running, then The Build is for you. The majority of the class takes place on the floor where you will be kettlebell training to increase strength, power and resiliency to injury. Only about 8-10 minutes will be spent on the treadmill where you will engage in short bursts of incline work to power up the glutes and increase heart rate.