Dash 28 / Dash Core

28-30 minutes of HIIT work on the tread coupled with 15 minutes of kettlebell training to tone your body and build a strong foundation for running.

High 45

45 minutes of HIIT work on the tread, including speedplay and hills, with active recovery periods in the mix. Bursts of high intensity efforts elevate your heart rate for a more efficient calorie-torching workout and enable you to achieve your running goals more quickly than just logging miles.

The Distance

Go the distance. In this all-tread 60 minute class, you can expect some longer intervals including speedplay and hillwork coupled with active recovery periods. Expect to rack up the miles in this class.

Dirty 30

Only have 30 minutes to spare? We’ve got you covered in this all-tread 30 minute class. Designed to maximize your time, you can expect alternating high intensity intervals with shorter active recovery periods.