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“It’s not scene-y or trying too hard, it’s just a great place to run.”

“HOT DAYUM, I got my butt kicked and loved every second of it!”

“This class blew my mind. I think it was a mixture of the lights, the music, the teacher, and the people around me, but I had a blast. 45 minutes flew by and I was able to push to paces I don't usually run at on my own.”

"I hated running. I didn't think I was good at it, I didn't know if I was doing it right, and it was the most monotonous form of cardio for me. But given its benefits, it's something I've always wanted to get better at. Mile High Run Club was the perfect breakthrough class for me. It focuses on form, breathing, pacing, and endurance. And I can't say enough good things about their coaches. Not arrogant, not annoying, not cheesy like so many insta-famous instructors can be. They are super motivating, awesome humans with great playlists. Would recommend the classes to anyone."

"This place turned the most unlikely runner (me) into one!"

“I am a firm believer in everything MHRC stands for: uplifting coaches that give you tips on proper running form, colorful lights that change with the music, loud and fun music, Woodway treadmills (that are bouncier and much easier to run on!), and a fun format! I love that I'm able to push myself much harder than I would on my own, and I really believe there is a social facilitation aspect of this in that you're in a room with up to ~30 people all running in sync and pushing yourself to new personal highs."

"This place is awesome! The coaches are all serious athletes, friendly and really helpful. I've gotten some really good tips by talking to them after class which they are all more than willing to do and give you personalized feedback on your form."

"As a marathon runner, I love these classes to work on my speed since they encourage you to push yourself more than I do when running on my own. The music and lights also make it a lot of fun!"

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