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  • 5 Weeks: Monday 10/2 - Sunday 11/5
  • Specially priced class packs are available for purchase throughout the challenge to help you crush the competition (not required to participate).
  • Sign up for the challenge using this link.
  • You will be assigned to one of the following coaches’ teams: Danny, Julia, Katie, Kim, Meg, or Ned.
  • Next time you're in the studio, strike a pose for a polaroid shot (optional). Polaroids of teams will be displayed in studio.
  • Start running and racking up points for your team! Each minute you are on the tread counts as a point: Distance = 60, High 45 = 45, Dash = 30.
  • After each class, log your minutes using this link (posters with QR codes will be easily accessible in studio).
  • We will be tracking the progress of each team on a leaderboard in the studios.
  • Coaches will be reaching out throughout the competition with training tips and motivation— and expect some smack talking in class.
  • At the end of the challenge, the team with the most points wins!

Check out the prizes and additional not-so-fine print below.

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  • 1st Place Team: Limited Edition Hoodie + 50% Off Any Class Pack and/or Swag (limit 1 of each)

  • 2nd + 3rd Place Teams: 1 Class Credit + 30% Off Any Class Pack and/or Swag (limit 1 of each)

  • 1st Place Male + Female Runners (regardless of team): Choose Any 1 Item of Swag + 50% Off Any Class Pack

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  • We will be assigning teams. You cannot choose which Coach’s team you are on, but you can request to be on the same team as another runner when signing up.

  • You will not get credit for additional minutes you spend on the tread during warm up and/or cool down. Distance will always count for 60 points, High 45 will always count for 45, etc.

  • In order to receive any winnings from the challenge, you must complete at least 1 class, i.e, you cannot just sign up and then collect the winnings from other runners’ work.

  • We will be checking attendance at the completion of the challenge. Any runner who misrepresents the number of minutes they have completed, will result in having their entire team disqualified.

  • Winning discounts can be used on 1 class pack and/or 1 item of swag. Cannot be used for one large purchase of multiple items or multiple packages.